Droitwich Town Council

There are 14 Conservative Councillors on Droitwich Town Council. 

The Town Council is responsible for St Richard’s House in Victoria Square, Tourist Information & Heritage Centre which incorporates the Salt Museum & Radio Room, The Community Hall in Heritage Way, Allotment Sites at Vines Lane, Chawson Lane, Copcut Park and Westwood Lodge, Public seats, Bus shelters and Copcut Park and Spring Meadow open space.

To contact your local Conservative Droitwich Town Councillor, all the contact details you need are below.

Droitwich Spa East

Councillor: Christine Bowden

Phone: 01905 775704

Email: eric.bowden@virgin.net


Councillor: Bob Brookes

Phone: 01905 773345

Email: bob.brookes@wychavon.net


Councillor: William Moy

Phone: 07714 753748

Email: bilndil@talktalk.net


Councillor: Alexander Sinton

Phone: 07808 815323

Email: alex.sinton@wychavon.net


Droitwich Chawson

Councillor: David Morris

Phone: 07784 225079

Email: davemoz@hotmail.com


Droitwich Copcut

Councillor: Sandy Laird

Phone: 07988 532677

Email: ahlaird@talktalk.net


Councillor: Richard Morris

Phone: 07860 733460

Email: richmoz@hotmail.com

Facebook: Cllr. Richard Morris


Droitwich Spa West

Councillor: Jennifer Chaudry

Email: jenniferchaudry@icloud.com


Councillor: Mark Craigie

Phone: 07961 844619

Email: davidmarkcraigie@gmail.com


Councillor: George Duffy

Phone: 07950 803361

Email: george.a.duffy96@gmail.com

Facebook: Cllr George Duffy


Droitwich Spa Witton

Councillor: Robert Beale

Phone: 07989 258446

Email: graham.beale@btinternet.com


Councillor: Eric Bowden

Phone: 07412 689366

Email: eric.bowden@virgin.net


Droitwich Chawson

Councillor: Kathleen Fellows

Email: k.fellowsmelia@icloud.com


Councillor: John Grady

Phone: 07949073391

Email: johngrady@hotmail.co.uk