Conservatives back plan to tackle climate crisis

Conservative-controlled Wychavon District Council's ambitious plans in response to the climate crisis were approved last night (July 22nd).

Wychavon’s Intelligently Green Plan was approved by all Conservative councillors. The Green Party also joined the Conservatives in voting for this plan which acknowledges the need for greater environmental sustainability. The Liberal Democrats voted against the plan.

The Plan contains 5 main targets:

  • Reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions by at least 75% by 2030
  • Halve district wide carbon emissions by 2030
  • Double the size of Wychavon’s low carbon economy by 2030
  • Treble renewable energy generation in the district by 2030
  • Capture at least 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2025

Building upon the original plan (2012-2020), this ambitious document will capitalise on the green growth opportunities before us as we emerge from COVID-19.

Leader of Wychavon District Council, Cllr Bradley Thomas, said: "It was refreshing to see some pragmatic cross-party consensus last night at Wychavon in adopting our Intelligently Green Plan - the council’s response to the climate crisis. Sadly some opposition councillors voted against green growth and against reducing emissions."