Moves to making internet shopping easier launched

Brussels, 12th July - West Midlands MEP and Consumer Spokesman Daniel Dalton launched proposals to ease problems internet shoppers face when buying from abroad. 


Increasing numbers of consumers buying goods online from another country are getting caught up in customs procedures and accused of possible violations, with many being sent worrying letters by officials and facing fines which are disproportionately high in comparison to the original purchase price of the good.


Daniel Dalton's report to the Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament recommends a range of measures to tackle eCommerce problems, including raising the de minimis threshold for customs procedures. 


On the launch of his report Mr Dalton commented:


"Many people in the West Midlands have been hit by shock fines when making simple purchases online from countries such as the US."


"Today's customs procedures need to adapt to 21st century shopping habits." 


"Ecommerce is our fastest growing industry and an increasing source of jobs in the UK, removing digital non-tariff barriers to trade is in all our interests."