Mid Worcestershire Conservative Association will shortly begin the process to select the next Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Worcestershire. The key dates in the selection process will be as follows:

22 October: Applications from listed candidates close.

5 November: The Sift Committee (5 Officers of the Association) will meet at CCHQ London and choose 15-20 candidates (approx) for interview by the Association Executive Committee voting members.

16 November: Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed at the St Andrew's Hotel, Droitwich. It is hoped that these interviews will result in the selection of 3-4 candidates who will then go forward to the final interview stage.

22 November: The final stage of the interview process at Pershore High School will be an Open Primary hustings event chaired by a well known Conservative supporter with a high public profile, (As yet, unknown!) Voting by members of MWCA and those who have pre-registered to attend will take place until one candidate has acquired 51 % of the vote... with the lowest voted candidate dropping out on each round of voting if necessary.

Hopefully, by the end of the evening, there will be a new Parliamentary Candidate to stand for MWCA in 2015!