Nigel Huddleston MP backs vision to transform grassroots football

Mid Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston has given his support to The Football Association’s (FA) vision to transform grassroots football in England by signing up to their three pledges at an event in Parliament.

These pledges include ensuring every adult and child has access to a community football facility, that football is used to improve the physical and mental health of local residents, and that every effort is made to double the number of women and girls taking part.

In addition to the practical health benefits, the direct economic value of grassroots football was found to be £2.1bn each year in a recently-launched  report by the Football Association, and that playing regular grassroots football produces a cost saving of £43.5m per year to the NHS through reduced GP visits.

The release of the report and Mr Huddleston’s endorsement coincides with the recent announcement by the Football Foundation that Wychavon District Council is set to receive a grant of £576,000 to help construct a brand new, third generation artificial grass pitch and a new two-team changing pavilion at Evesham United Football Club. The grant supplements the £850,000 already raised by Wychavon District Council for the project.

Welcoming the news of the grant, Mr Huddleston said: “We have had an incredible month of sport so far, from the Wimbledon tennis championships to the British Grand Prix and of course the England team winning the Cricket World Cup.

I am therefore delighted to welcome this sizeable investment in Mid Worcestershire’s sporting facilities, and to sign up to the FA’s pledge to make football more inclusive and available to every individual, young or old, who wishes to get involved. I hope this new pitch encourages more residents to take up a sport and get more active.”