Nigel Huddleston MP congratultes outstanding Ambulance Service

Mid Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston congratulates West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust after they were rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In 2016, it was the first ambulance service ever in England to receive this rating.

Since the last inspection, the Trust has maintained its high standards. Among the qualities that the CQC looks for is the ability to respond to changing needs of patients and managing the increased demand in patients needing a stretcher. The Trust has excelled in training their frontline midwives and are the first ambulance trust to become a ‘University Foundation Trust,’ training and education of paramedics in surrounding universities.

CQC’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Ted Baker says:

‘There was a positive culture that supported and valued staff and a strong and embedded focus on continuous improvement to offer the best quality service for patients, and effective systems for identifying risks or plans to eliminate or reduce them.’

Mr Huddleston says:

‘I am impressed to hear that West Midlands Ambulance Service has effectively dealt with the challenging pressure on them in Worcestershire. I am reassured to know that our ambulance service is outstanding and it is a real credit to all those who work diligently as paramedics, ambulance liaison assistants, trainers and students as part of the team.’