Nigel Huddleston MP praises quick actions of prison staff after disturbance at Long Lartin

Following the events at HMP Long Lartin last night, Mid Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston praised the quick actions of prison staff and a ‘Tornado’ team of specialist prison officers who were deployed to restore order in the prison. The disturbance took place last night and involved 10 inmates who attacked guards with pool balls. One officer has been injured but the situation has now been resolved.

HMP Long Lartin is a high-security jail where 75% of inmates are serving life sentences and a quarter of the inmates are classed as Category A or high-security offenders. Fortunately, the Tornado team (a unit of elite officers specially trained in dealing with prison disturbances) were able to act quickly and restore order before there were any more injuries.

Mr Huddleston said: “It was alarming to hear about this incident which must have been very distressing for the staff at Long Lartin and I am glad to hear that the situation was resolved quickly. Having visited the prison on several occasions I know how hard the prison staff work and I wish the officer in hospital a very speedy recovery.

I spoke to the Prison’s Minister, Lucy Frazer, last night and was kept up to date with events until order was restored.  I shall be meeting the Minister in the near future to seek reassurances that everything possible will be done to ensure the safety of our prison officers.  It is absolutely right that prisoners who behave in this way and threaten officers safety will be punished and will face extra time behind bars.”