Public Sector Pensions and Strike Action

We have huge respect for the hard-working men and women who keep our vital services running. We depend on them every day and they do a brilliant job. That's why we are angry that union bosses are ordering millions of public sector workers to strike this week - even while talks are under way. Only around a third of union members backed industrial action.

We've been prepared to listen. That's why we have made sure that anyone who is within ten years of retirement will be able to retire on their current terms. People working for ordinary businesses all over the country are facing tough times. Yet unions want the rest of us to pay even more in taxes - rather than share the burden. We are all living longer so yes, people will have to work longer. And yes, public sector workers who earn more will have to pay more so other taxpayers on less generous pension deals don't pick up a tab they can't afford.

Our message to the union leaders is: think again. We urge public sector workers to put the people of Britain first and work normally on Wednesday. The victims of strikes will be the people who pay your wages - the ordinary people of Britain. At a time when we are trying to get the economy back on its feet, a strike is the last thing anyone needs. Ed Miliband should condemn this strike action and help stop it. We want to hear him tell the union bosses that pay Labour's bills that these strikes are wrong.