MWCA Chairman comments on some topical news items


We have huge respect for the hard-working men and women who keep our vital services running. We depend on them every day and they do a brilliant job. That's why we are angry that union bosses are ordering millions of public sector workers to strike next week - even while talks are under way. Only a quarter of union members backed industrial action.

Spring Forum 2012

Lord Feldman comments on The Spring Forum 2012

The Central Message On Labour

Everyone knows that Labour left us with a massive economic mess. We're spending £120 million a day on Labour's debt interest alone.
Ed Balls and Ed Miliband were at the heart of creating this mess and haven't learned the lessons of their mistakes or changed their minds. Their message to the British people is simple: vote for us and we'd do it all again. We all know where that leads, Labour's plan B is for bankruptcy.


Britain and the Euro bailout Fund


We want to extend our deepest sympathies to the families affected by this terrible accident and say thank you to the emergency services and hospitals involved.

Mid Worcestershire Conservatives launch new website

Thank you for your support at the last election. Because of you, David Cameron is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the Government’s plans to build a strong economy and a big society are in full swing. Now, to help us communicate with you, we've launched this new local website.