Wychavon Councillors

As of May 2019, the Conservatives hold 36 out of 45 seats on Wychavon District Council. Our Councillors work hard on your behalf all year round, not just at election time.

Here are all the contact details you need for our Conservative Councillors on Wychavon District Council.


Councillor: Mark Goodge

Phone: 07860 265632

Email: mark.goodge@wychavon.net

Facebook: Cllr Mark Goodge



Councillor: Martin King | Portfolio holder for Transformation, efficiency and town centre revitalisation

Phone: 01386 484425

Email: martin.king@wychavon.net


Councillor: Emma Stokes | Portfolio holder for Environment, recycling and street scene

Phone: 01386 423266

Email: stokes_e1@sky.com



Councillor: Tony Rowley | Portfolio holder for Planning, infrastructure and urban design

Phone: 01386 554019

Email: tonyrowley@btinternet.com


Bretforton & Offenham

Councillor: Aaron Powell

Phone: 01386 830073

Email: aaron.powell@wychavon.net


Broadway & Wickhamford

Councillor: Liz Eyre

Phone: 01386 854807

Email: eeyre@worcestershire.gov.uk



Councillor: Laurence Smith

Phone: 07756 583194

Email: laurence.smith@wychavon.net


Drakes Broughton

Councillor: Mark Ward

Phone: 01905 841640

Email: mark.ward@wychavon.net


Droitwich Spa Central

Councillor: John Hartley

Phone: 07708 188108

Email: john.hartley@wychavon.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/john.droitwich/


Droitwich Spa East

Councillor: Eric Bowden

Phone: 07412 689366

Email: eric.bowden@wychavon.net


Councillor: Alex Sinton

Phone: 01905 778950

Email: alex.sinton@wychavon.net


Droitwich Spa South East

Councillor: John Grady

Phone: 07949 073391

Email: john.grady@wychavon.net 


Councillor: Richard Morris | Deputy Leader & Portfolio holder for Economic growth and tourism

Phone: 07860 733460

Email: richmoz@hotmail.com

Facebook: Cllr. Richard Morris


Droitwich Spa South West

Councillor: Matthew Hartley

Phone: 07803 022357

Email: matthew.hartley@wychavon.net


Councillor: David Morris

Phone: 07784 225079

Email: david.morris@wychavon.net


Droitwich Spa West

Councillor: Jennifer Chaudry

Email: jennifer.chaudry@wychavon.net


Councillor: George Duffy

Phone: 07950 803361

Email: george.duffy@wychavon.net

Facebook: Cllr George Duffy


Evesham North

Councillor: Peter Griffiths

Phone: 07867 528360

Email: peter.griffiths@wychavon.net

Facebook: Councillor Peter Griffiths 


Councillor: Robert Raphael

Phone: 01386 423479

Email: robert@hamptonferry.co.uk

Facebook: Councillor Robert Raphael 


Great Hampton

Councillor: Ged Bearcroft

Phone: 07487 400164

Email: ged.bearcroft@wychavon.net



Councillor: Stephen Bateman

Phone: 07432 227735

Email: sbateman@btinternet.com 


Harvington & Norton

Councillor: Bradley Thomas | Leader of the Council​​​​​​​

Phone: 01386 830736

Email: bradley@bradleythomas.co.uk


Honeybourne & Pebworth

Councillor: Thomas Havemann-Mart

Phone: 07817 873054

Email: thomas.havemann-mart@wychavon.net


Little Hampton

Councillor: Andrew Dyke

Phone: 07773 329505

Email: andrew.dyke@wychavon.net

Facebook: Councillor Andrew Dyke


Councillor: Frances Smith

Phone: 01386 443157

Email: jhsmith@jhsmith.plus.com


Lovett & North Claines

Councillor: Anthony Miller

Phone: 07503 032776

Email: a.miller880@btinternet.com


Councillor: Nicolas Wright

Phone: 01299 851639

Email: nicolas.wright@wychavon.net


Norton & Whittington

Councillor: Rob Adams | Portfolio holder for Community engagement, culture and sport​​​​​​​

Phone: 01905 345223

Email: rob.adams@wychavon.net



Councillor: Christopher Day | Portfolio holder for Housing, health and wellbeing

Phone: 07730 820216

Email: christopher.day@wychavon.net


The Littletons

Councillor: Richard Lasota

Phone: 01789 508279

Email: richard.lasota@wychavon.net


Upton Snodsbury

Councillor: Linda Robinson

Phone: 01905 841536

Email: linda.robinson@wychavon.net