Mid-Worcestershire public pick Nigel as Tory candidate in 2015 after ‘primary’ selection

Nigel Huddleston has been chosen by Mid-Worcestershire voters as the new Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency at the 2015 General Election.


It follows a ‘primary’ selection held on Friday evening at Pershore High School on Station Road in which anyone on the constituency’s electoral register could attend and vote.


The Conservative candidate for Luton South at the 2010 election, Nigel’s day job is as the Industry Head for the travel sector at Google and prior to that he spent 17 years as a management consultant.


Nigel was the first member of the Huddleston family to go to University and the first person from his East Midlands’ comprehensive school to get into Oxford University.


He is married to Melissa whom he met while studying for a Masters Degree in Business at UCLA in California.  They have a son aged 7 and a daughter aged 5.


Nigel said: “It is an honour to be chosen as the next Conservative candidate for Mid-Worcestershire and I can’t wait to get campaigning in what is a beautiful constituency.


“What made the night even more memorable was my method of selection. It allowed not only Conservative members and voters to get involved, but anyone with an interest in Mid-Worcestershire politics.


“I was brought up in rural England and my political priorities will include school spaces, health services, the environment and housing. I look forward to working in Broadway, Droitwich, Evesham and all the communities and villages in Mid-Worcestershire.”


The primary saw four candidates interviewed by former Conservative Rob Hayward MP in which they were quizzed about politics, policy and local issues followed by several questions from the floor.


A secret ballot of the attendees was next with Mr Huddleston being declared the eventual winner and the new Conservative Parliamentary Candidate.


The process started after the announcement of sitting Conservative MP, Peter Luff, last year that he would not contest the next General Election in 2015. At the 2010 election, Mr Luff had a majority of 15,864.


Mid-Worcestershire Conservative Association Chairman, Councillor Gerry O’Donnell, said: “It was the local Conservative Party that picked the primary method of selecting a new parliamentary candidate and it has been very successful.


“It was a fantastic evening of democratic engagement at Pershore High School and it was great to see new faces getting involved in Conservative politics.


“I look forward to campaigning with Nigel throughout Mid Worcestershire as we inch closer and closer to the General Election in 2015. He is going to be great candidate.”